Growth Groups

Winter 2020 Schedule

Beginning the week of January 26th


the radical message of the unconditional, immeasurable, life-changing love of God

Donation of $10, Checks to Mercer UMC

Place pew envelopes in offering plate, note Growth Group on the envelope

Want to find out what his mega-church was missing?

Want to find out what Mercer UMC might be missing?

Want to develop deep relationships with a few people from church?

Want to know Jesus better?

Want a faith in Jesus Christ that’s not for Sunday morning only?

Growth groups meet weekly, sharing thoughts and feelings about the reading, but even more walk through life together!

Monday, 5:30 PM at Mercer UMC, led by Denise Orr, During kid’s program Marvelous Mondays

Wednesday, 6:30 PM at Mercer UMC, Young Adults, Child Care provided at the church

Thursday, 1 PM at Mercer UMC, led by Bob Falla

Thursday, 6:00 PM at Larry and Sandra Rodger’s home, Mercer

 Thursday, 6:30 PM at Dick and Linda Carlson’s home in Hermitage.

Please contact the leader(s) of the groups for more details, and if needed contact Mercer UMC (724-662-3320) for contact information.  Contact the church office or sign up outside of the church office for a copy.