Kate and Rene Nevarez

Exciting news!!!! We are adopting a baby boy!

We have shared our desire to adopt a child with some of you in the past. In August 2016, we began a journey toward adoption of a child from one of the government orphanages but were just approved and put on the waiting list in late February.

But God surprised us when a friend told us a woman wants us to adopt her unborn baby! The single mother of two kids under age 3 has no family support, steady income, or desire to raise the baby conceived from a one-night stand. She wanted to abort, but our friend shared the gospel with her and convinced her not to do it. So, she asked our friend to help her find someone to adopt the baby.

Please pray for all of us, as the biological mother has not had any prenatal care and is due any day according to the check-up and ultrasound we took her to on March 5th! But the obstetrician assured me that the baby looks healthy, and I got to see our future son on the ultrasound!

We have no baby stuff, since Sammy turned 11 years old in February. We have a baby registry on Amazon.com if you would like to help us “gear up.” Just search for baby registry and then put in our names “Katherine McConnell & Rene Nevarez”. If you have gently used baby items you would like to donate to us, please let us know ASAP.

Please pray for God to complete His will for our adoption process and this baby’s life. We will let you know as soon as he is with us!

Loaves & Fishes Community Food Warehouse

Your kindness and generosity in supporting the food pantry keeps us open the serve those in need. Without your help, we wouldn’t be able to survive. Thank you for all that you have done to assist us.

In December we served over two hundred people and were able to give them holiday meals for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Thank you for being so good to Loaves and Fishes food pantry!

The following is a list of food items we would like you to collect during the year. This is a voluntary request and we want you to give from your heart. However, at Thanksgiving and Christmas we would like to collect cake mixes, frostings, brownie mixes and cookie mixes to help us provide the holiday meal. Thank you for the willingness to support the pantry!


APRIL—Canned Corn

MAY– Canned Green Beans

JUNE—Pork & Beans of any kind

JULY– Canned Sloppy Joe and Canned Pastas

AUG—Boxed Mac & Cheese

SEPT—Hamburger Helper and Stuffing Mix

OCT—Cake mixes and frostings

NOV—Brownie & Cookie mixes